Why your home studio might not be good enough to compete with trending artists

It’s no secret that nowadays you can get a pretty unbelievable sound from your bedroom studio. DAW’s and digital sounds have come a long way and finally can compete with major studios. But the important question you have to ask yourself is do you have the skills and capability right now to create a masterfully produced song?

Skilled musicians and producers have literally invested years into their creative craft and even then some are much farther along than others because we all grow at different levels. It’s very important that you frequently invest time in bettering yourself as a musician, producer, singer, and songwriter. Passion goes a long way but quite a bit of skill is needed too.

Be honest in critiquing your level of expertise. Can your music compete with the majors? Can it compete with the artists you see rapidly growing a fan base? At the point that you’re considering putting your songs on iTunes and Spotify or thinking about approaching record labels and publishers you MUST make sure your songwriting and recordings are on point. More times than not you have one chance to impress labels, publishers, and potential fans that your music is incredible. And if it’s anything short of incredible you risk leaving a bad taste in the mouths of fans and industry executives. Don’t make that mistake.

I’d like to share some personal experience that will show you that even I have to take my own advice sometimes. I am an accomplished and successful songwriter and producer but I certainly have my weaknesses as many of us do. While I feel confident in all of my knowledge and abilities I know when it’s better to allow my team to take over a certain part of an artist’s project because they will do a much better job than I will at that particular thing and in the end we’ve created the best possible product for the artist. For example; My expertise is not in audio engineering. I have engineers on my team that do much better with the physical recording aspect and mixing/mastering. That is exactly why I have created a team for my company Song Laboratory so that we can collectively create a superior musical experience for the artists we work with.

So what do you do if your skills at the very moment are subpar but you’re itching to get your music out to the world? You guessed it! Hire a professional. Whether you need a producer, guitar player, singer, or songwriter Song Laboratory is your go to for professionals that have the skills to make your music shine. If you’re worried that your music may not be yours anymore or not authentic to you, don’t be. And here’s why. Almost every song in history and certainly every song you’ve heard on the radio was created by a team of pro’s. Most songs are written by multiple writers and passed through several professionals before it’s released. It takes a team of like minded pro’s to create a song that ultimately becomes successful. So don’t be afraid to let someone else help your song along. After all it’s still your song and if it comes out on the other end much better than before, it’s a win for both you and your listeners.

Ready to take your songwriting to the next level and work with pro’s?