Pitch Your Song

Get your songs recorded by major radio artists! Most of the songs you’ve heard on the radio have passed through the hands of song pluggers or pitchers in order to reach the ears of the recording artist. You will need the help of experienced and successful song pluggers in order to get your song cut by major artists. Song Laboratory has had documented success in the music industry and can get your hit songs into the hands of the decision makers in the music industry as well as in the TV/Film industry!

Your mp3 & lyric will be downloaded and forwarded on to a Music Pro along with a blank ‘feedback’ sheet for them to fill out with their comments. This feedback form will basically rate your song’s strength’s and will let you know if the Music Pro is interested in pitching your song and if not, why.

A LOT of Song Laboratory clients have had their songs picked up through these Pitch Promotions. IF a song is not taken however, instead of simply getting a ‘PASS’ response, you will get ‘feedback’ from these industry insiders on why your song isn’t working (or didn’t work for the specific artist they were looking for) and even more important – we will give you suggestions on how to make your song better!

*Pricing for the first submission: $100

*Pricing for each additional submission: $50

  • Average cost if you were to hire a REPUTABLE song plugger on monthly retainer is around $500-$800 per month. Pluggers on retainer will only pitch 2-3 of your very best songs each month. Pitching your songs through Song Laboratory allows you to plug those same 3 songs for a fraction of the normal cost.

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