Here are some commonly asked questions we get about our song pitching service

Q: Why should I pitch my song?

A: Even some of the best artists you’ve heard on the radio had their songs pitched and cut by other artists early in their career. There are too many benefits to name including the fact that the royalties you receive from a successful song can be substantial. Another huge benefit that you might not have considered is that when your song is pitched and record labels, artists, and publishers see your name over and over again it can really build your reputation and give you a shot at getting meetings with those companies and artists which goes without saying is a very good thing.

Q: Why do I have to pay to pitch my song? Can’t you just take a percentage of royalties?

A: In a perfect world we’d love to do this because a percentage of royalties is significantly higher than the low rate we charge to submit a song. But the reality is that there are a lot of great songwriters out there and competition can be tough. There’s never a guarantee in any scenario inside of the music industry to get your songs cut by artists but it does happen often.

There are a lot of common misconceptions when it comes to pitching music. In some shape or form you will always have to pay a song plugger to pitch. Say for example you get signed with a writer deal to a publisher. That publisher has an in house plugger that they pay a salary to AND gives them royalties if a song gets cut. No one works off of royalties alone because the truth in the music industry is that you never know if your song is going to get cut or not. That publisher in turn takes a percentage of your earned royalties which means… you’re essentially still paying for that plugger.
Independent pluggers charge a very high amount for you to retain them , and here’s the kicker, most of them will not work with you even if you’re offering to pay them if they don’t believe your songs are good enough. So essentially they have to pick you up and you get the “privilege” of paying them for their services. It sounds backwards but that’s exactly how they work. So most successful pluggers are not even accessible whether you pay them or not. By going through us they ARE attainable because we pay them for every single submission we send to afford their time.

Q: Couldn’t the song plugger just say they pitched my song but never do so?

B: While this seems like a logical concern this never happens in the professional world of pitching. Song pluggers have spent years developing valuable relationships with their songwriters, publishers, and companies/artists they pitch to. They can’t afford to risk their reputation in any way because it could mean the end of their career. If word got around that they were being dishonest and not doing their job then most of their contacts will discontinue doing business with them. The music industry is a very close and tight knit community and there is no room for that when it comes to professionalism.

Q: What if my song doesn’t make the cut?

A: It’s not the end of the world and it shouldn’t be. Every aspect of the music business is very challenging and takes time. One of the most powerful tools you can have is education in how to better your songwriting. We’ll never just leave you hanging. We’ve been there and we know how hard it is to try to make it on your own with no one really telling you what you need to do and guiding your path. Our mission is to further educate our songwriters and help better their skills and knowledge every day. Regardless of outcome your song will get a professional review. We are committed to helping you understand what your song needs and how you can increase your chances of getting a song cut.