Songwriter’s Bootcamp

We are proud to announce that we have now opened the Songwriter’s Bootcamp to kick off the new 2018 year!

What is the Songwriter’s Bootcamp and how will it help you?

We could all agree that songwriting is an art and there is no perfect way to write a good song but from experience we know that there are ways to craft an exceptionally better song. As professional songwriters we have spent years building the experience to deliver powerful melodies and lyrics that will capture any audience no matter the music genre. It has taken a lot of painstaking time, practice, and mistakes for us to learn how to design an unforgettable song and now we are offering the Songwriter’s Bootcamp program to teach you the same knowledge we’ve acquired over the years.

What’s included in the program?

For a total of $99 per month here are the benefits in becoming a student with the Songwriter’s Bootcamp:
– One on one weekly mentorship with an industry professional songwriter
– Weekly songwriting challenges to sharpen your skills
– A contest every month where the best songwriter will win a songwriting session with Song Laboratory’s lead writer and then have that song that you create during your collaboration with our lead writer pitched to major record label artists
– Guided co-writing sessions with other students in the program.
– Access to greatly discounted full production recording’s with Song Laboratory
– An open “forum” for you to communicate with other songwriting students in the program

Starting out we are only offering 10 slots for new students. This program is very time consuming being that we work on a one on one basis with each songwriter and believe that each student should receive the same amount of mentorship in order to become a better writer.

*A few things to note. This program is open to songwriters of any and every genre. There is no type of music we haven’t worked with so the songs you create during this program is entirely up to your taste and preference. This program is designed to be online. All correspondences between you and your songwriting mentor will occur through email and phone conferences. This is a great way to save on both travel costs and scheduling time together.