If you’re still needing a little push getting started read what these clients had to say about our work.

*These testimonials are completely unedited and come directly from the artists and songwriters themselves.

The raw talent behind the team at Song Laboratory gives them an edge with collaborating on any song. With a very keen ear for catchy melodies, they deliver fast. Their understanding of rhythm and vivid storytelling style writing allow them to work easily between genres. I believe Song Laboratory is a great resource and adds value to my team.

Jordan MarchPop Artist

As a songwriter who is not an accomplished performer, I find their services invaluable. Whether I need a simple guitar /vocal demo or a fully produced track I can count on them to provide a great product. They have also helped me with musical composition changes that help my tracks have a more commercially appealing sound based on their ability to know what listeners want to hear.

Anthony LongoSongwriter

Speaking as a lyricist…. My experiences with these guys have been fantastic. They give the lyrics in my head a life that I cannot give them on my own.

David WellsSongwriter

Their team can take an idea you have for a song and turn it into something magical and provides the attention that your song deserves. They are there every step of the way to make your song the best that the song can be. Very professional and quick turn around time which makes your life a whole lot better in the music world.

Michael HynesSongwriter